Alma And The Doll In The Park

A beautiful story for children, plus 3 games to help your kids develop personal, social and emotional skills.

The most entertaining way to prepare children for life!

“Alma and the Doll in the Park” is an interactive story, current and original, featuring three entertaining games to help your children identify, explore and develop personal, social and emotional skills



Conflict resolution



Critical thinking

Stress management




It encourages your kids to reflect on how they behave and on what they would do in a particular situation.

Learning how to stand in someone else’s shoes is the foundation of respect, peace and sociability. 

Emotional Regulation

Do your children know how to control their impulses? Could they voluntarily move from rage to compassion?

Confident children are invincible! Feed their self-esteem and keep them from getting bullied.

A positive and optimistic attitude toward life is what enables us to overcome adversity.

The choices we make daily determine our fate; do they possess the proper tools to make the right ones?

Knowing how to resolve conflicts is an art that is mastered by victors. Teach this skill to your children from a young age.

The outcome of our conversations depends on how we express ourselves. Let’s learn how to properly pick words, gestures and attitudes on interactions.

Creativity is the mother of success across all aspects of life. Knowing how to think outside the box offers alternatives under any situation.

Understanding, analysing and evaluating the information we receive allows us to reason, make our own decisions and resolve conflicts.

Learn vocabulary, expressions and simple phrases in English, Spanish and German.

Knowing how to control our physiological reactions before pressure, fear and change contributes to our wellbeing.

What skills does “Alma and the Doll in the Park” help develop?

Decision Making

An original and unique story

In the story, a girl named Alma finds a doll lost in the park, and based on that event she’ll face a series of challenges, quests and new educational experiences in the company of other characters who offer her the chance to explore the world within her own emotions and create her own decision-making criteria, just like what happens in everyday life.

"Alma and the Doll in the Park" is an interactive, current and original story –it’s not a Disney, Grimm Brothers or Hans Christian Andersen remake- written in rhyme, in the style of Dr. Seuss but with real, everyday situations and characters that children can relate to.

Three games to explore decision making

The whole concept is supported by three games you can use to teach your children about the different types of decisions you can make in life:

1. Random               Decisions

2. Uncertain           Decisions

In the hide-and-seek game, children must seek Alma randomly. There is no way for them to know whether their decision is the right one or not, because it’s up to chance.

3. Certain             Decisions

In the apple tree game, they’ll be able to follow the sequence as well as their concentration allows them, but there will be a moment when they’ll hesitate and fail, which is natural. Nonetheless, they’ll be able to see that practice makes them better at decision making each time around since they get more confident.

In the park game, their imagination can roam freely and they can decide to build the park of their dreams as they will; picking trees, characters, items… their creation will be unique since it will be shaped exclusively by their choices.

Take advantage of the full potential offered by this app by using it as a means to bring your kids everyday subjects and realities, as well as to promote discussions and enriching experiences for their own lives. It’s a great opportunity to spend pleasant moments as a family sharing some quality time:

The tool you were looking for to connect with your kids

* Use the story as a bedtime story and take the chance to inquire your children about their thoughts regarding Alma’s decisions

* Encourage their creativity in the park construction game .

* Invite them to explore their emotions and realize what they feel when they win or lose at the apple tree game; help them enrich their emotional vocabulary.

* Read with your kids; it’s one of the most efficient ways to motivate them to read by themselves.

* A wonderful story to read before sleep, which is the best time of the day to engage in a relaxed conversation.

* Challenge them to learn the rhyme; they’ll dazzle you with their memory, vocabulary and fluency! 

“Alma and the Doll in the Park” is being used by thousands of parents, teachers and psychologists across the globe to encourage the development of personal, social and emotional skills on boys and girls. Join us in building the new generation of empowered children who are the superheroes of their own lives. Go ahead and purchase the app today; it’s cheaper than an ice cream but makes for a much better food for the mind and spirit!

“Alma and the Doll in the Park” breaks with the idea that videogames are not fit for small children because they are not educational nor encourage emotional, personal or social development, since unlike most apps offered on the market, this one has been specially designed to help children develop basic skills for a full, happy life.

If you like technology but not  violent content, then "Alma 

And The Doll In The Park" 

is just for you.

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