FamiliaMaria Andrea is the founder of the Alma´s Powers Project. She is an entrepreneurial communications professional and proud mother of Alma and Lucas, a 4-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy who have given a different meaning to her world.

The simple fact of having to imagine leaving their children in the hands of somebody they did not know while they were working, made both her husband Mauro and she become entrepreneurs just a few years after having gotten married. That was why they founded Grite in 2006 with her brother Álvaro José Camacho, a family run studio specialized in the design and development of webs and apps, which allowed them to work together doing what they like and making a living from it,  at the same time that they develop their professional potential.

Maria Andrea has always been very interested in psychology, sociology and neuroscience and reads a lot about this topics. Since her daughter Alma was born in 2009 she became even more attracted to the physical, emotional and spiritual development of children, and so she decided to begin a project that would allow her to combine work with parenting, in order to achieve life balance. That is how “Alma’s Powers” was born, a series of Apps aimed at making it easier for children to understand their emotions and to adopt values.