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Crowdfunding Progress
Update of your generous contributions
5.545 €
 of a goal of 22.500 €


Hello, friends of Alma’s Powers

Thanks for reaching this page!  If you did not know about us before, please let us briefly explain what we are doing to you, so you can decide if you want to help us and how.

“Alma’s Powers” is a project that stimulates the personal, emotional and spiritual development of children through apps for mobile devices.  We launched the first app, “Alma and the Doll in the Park”, a little over a year ago, and it had such a big impact that we confirmed what we already knew:  there are many moms and dads, uncles and aunts, grandparents, teachers, psychologists and professionals who are interested in helping our children to fully develop as upstanding and happy individuals, and fuel their spirit even more than their intellect.

Nowadays, it seems that technology isolates our children, makes them more competitive, introverted, selfish or disinterested. But it does not have to be like that. We can use this same technology to our advantage, if we develop for example, the appropriate content to stimulate their altruism, generosity, honesty, empathy or optimism.  This is what we do in “Alma’s Powers”:  we create content for smartphones and tablets that help little ones to discover all the powers they have inside, and use them for their benefit and for that of the people surrounding them.

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, we do not have enough capital funding to develop the second app of the collection, “Alma and the Big Concert”, which uses an interactive story and three games to explain the power of perseverance.  Therefore, we kindly invite everybody concerned about the inner growth of their children to support us through a voluntary financial contribution; it does not matter how small your contribution is, it represents a great deal of help to us, because one euro at a time we are able to continue trying to achieve this goal of producing a change in awareness and provide our children with the values required to improve the world.

Do you feel like helping?  You may support us in many different ways:

  1. Making a voluntary contribution to develop the new app
  2. Helping us promote the project and this page (Share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin…)
  3. Buying the “Alma and the Doll in the Park” app
  4. Reviewing it at the App Store

Or all of the above!


Well, what do you think?  Dare to contribute!


You may do so with a bank transfer

In Spain:

Account number:
IBAN: ES41 1465 0120 3919 0001 6761
Account holder: GRITE BARCELONA 2006 S.L

In Colombia:

Account number:
30019117462 (Bancolombia – ahorros)
Account holder: Monika Neumann de Camacho

If you make a bank transfer, please contact us at to track the transaction.

Do you have more questions? Here are some answers:

What is crowdfunding about?

Even though it’s one of those confusing words, the principle is very straightforward:  capital funding by a crowd. What we want to do is to collect funds from friends, relatives, acquaintances and interested parties in order to support our children’s apps project “Alma’s Powers”.

Well then, what do we need and why?

We need 22,500€ to produce the “Alma and the Big Concert” app.  This money will mainly be used for animation, programming, translations and audios of the app.  These are services we have to subcontract.  We will take care of the story, the illustrations, design, project and app management with Apple, as well as the promotion and marketing efforts.

What is the “Alma’s Powers” project all about?

Alma’s Powers” is a collection of apps created to stimulate the emotional intelligence of children in a smart way.  This series of games and interactive stories is an ideal tool to convey family values using Tablets and Smartphones.  You may see more details of the project on our website.

Where does this project come from?

A few years ago, when we noticed the irresistible attraction that the iPhone and iPad had for Alma, who was only one year old at the time, it became clear to us that we wanted to develop quality children’s apps so that kids could take advantage of these devices in order to become better people and less isolated.

We then started to study emotional intelligence in children and we became inspired by Alma and her daily experiences and created a character she would become familiar with, as well as a situation that would represent an important emotional challenge for her.

This is how the pilot app “Alma and the Doll in the Park” came to be, which includes an interactive story about honesty and three games.  We launched it at the end of 2012 and have received very good comments from children and parents around the world.  You may get more information on this app by clicking on this link or by visiting the website and by reading about the origins of the whole story in this post.

Why is this app different from others?

Our apps combine two key elements to make the transmission of values and the stimulation of emotional intelligence in children easy:  entertainment and new technologies.  Just tell me, what child does not LOVE to play with a Tablet or a Smartphone?  They are fascinated by them!  So, let’s take advantage of these devices to encourage their personal growth.

Where are we now?

At this point, we are ready to start production of the second app in the collection:  “Alma and the Big Concert”.  Here, we will deal with the value of Perseverance.  The story has been written already, so is the script, and the games have been defined.  Now we have to illustrate, animate, program, test, launch and promote it.

Why an application on perseverance?

We have chosen this value for the second app because every day we, as well as all other parents with pre-school kids, are facing the difficulty of explaining to Alma why she has to be patient and persevere to achieve a goal.  As she is only four years old, Alma has a hard time understanding that many things need time to mature or develop, so we will create a tool to “illustrate” patience and perseverance in such a way that she feels attracted to it and understands it.  We need a story to refer to when she is desperate or has lost her patience.

In fact, this crowdfunding campaign is in itself an example of perseverance in our goal to develop this project. We have been working for a long time on it, but our current financial circumstances have made it impossible to continue financing it.

We have looked for alternatives in order to continue, but none have given us good results.  This is a tough time to get banks to provide financing, and getting private investors is a hard task that requires dedication that we cannot afford right now.

The lack of resources seems to be an insurmountable obstacle, but we are not ready to give up.  We have to persevere.  This is what we always tell Alma.  If we give up now, we won’t be able to reap the benefits of the value of determination, one of the values we are most interested in transmitting to our children.  What example would we be giving them if we did not continue?

But, are children’s apps a profitable business?

Good apps are!  Good app collections with good marketing and promotion are profitable, and fortunately, we have strong marketing skills.  What we need now is to have good products in order to make money out of them.  Production is covered with money and good suppliers and providers, promotion with strategy and lots of work.  With your cooperation, we will be able to contract good suppliers and providers and guarantee this app’s quality.

Just look at cases such as Duck Duck MooseDr. Panda or Toca Boca, which have generated over 50 million downloads during their four-year history and almost 20 marketed apps.  These are great success stories, but the market is very big.  According to a recent study on the use of mobile devices by children, 72% of American kids under the age of 8 use a tablet or smartphone on a daily basis. These devices are showing an exponential growth in sales year after year and sales of them will surpass those of laptops in 2016, when, according to NPD DisplaySearch, 1 out of 10 people in the world will have a tablet.  The trend is the same the world over, and this means that the demand for quality apps for children will continue to grow considerably in the future. In the entertainment and education industry, good original products are always welcome, especially if they are introduced through new technologies.

What happens after getting the funds?

Once we start the development phase, we foresee the app being ready for release four months later (summer 2014).  In addition, we have already defined six more app releases:  on the power of optimism, courage, respect, patience, creativity and meditation.

This is a long road, and we believe that once we have marketed three apps, the project will be solid enough to generate the income required to reinvest in new apps.

Support us now!

If you believe the project to be interesting and decide to make a financial contribution, you will be able to download the whole collection of apps and all paid content for free, and in addition you will appear as an official project sponsor on the website’s acknowledgement page.  Of course, you will also receive our eternal gratitude 🙂

If you wish to get further information on the project, follow us on the “Alma’s Powersblog, we will be telling you about its evolution, development, achievements, setbacks, our experiences… Live it with us personally!

What if I wish to invest in this project?

If all this really appeals to you and you think it would be interesting to invest in a business, please let’s talk about it.  You may finance a whole app or a large portion of it and receive a proportional percentage of the profits generated by this app.  Do you dare become an investor?  We have already jumped right in and we are sure we will win!  Write to us now at  and we will contact you immediately.


Contribute now

You may do so with a bank transfer

In Spain:

Account number:
IBAN: ES41 1465 0120 3919 0001 6761
Account holder: GRITE BARCELONA 2006 S.L

In Colombia:

Account number:
30019117462 (Bancolombia – ahorros)
Account holder: Monika Neumann de Camacho

If you make a bank transfer, please contact us at to track the transaction.

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