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How Were “Alma’s Powers” Born?

How were “Alma’s Powers” born?

The project “Alma´s Powers” had a gestation period of nearly two-years. From the time we started talking about making Apps for children until we released “Alma and The Doll in the Park” in the App Store exactly 21 months had passed by. Just like an elephant’s pregnancy!

That doesn’t mean that making an app is complicated

What really was complicated, was the period of our lives in which we decided to do it: In these 21 months our little inspiration, our daughter Alma, has grown up, from being almost 2 years old to almost 4, with all the implications: the attachment stage, the fearful stage, socialization stage, tantrums, “no” stage, “no-sleeping” stage and the worst one: the “I don’t want my mom to work and I will not let her” stage.

Last but not least, we were so happy with Alma that we decided to have another baby. So that’s how Lucas came along, preceded by nine months of pregnancy during which I was always sleepy, hungry and sensitive. Lucas brought us immense joy, but also Alma´s jealousy along with him, and also diapers, breastfeeding, and baby food. So, time flew by again…

We calculate that without young children, we could have released this app in 6 months, but we are sure it wouldn’t be so good, because it was inspired by them.

Thanks to Alma and Lucas we are now inside a new club unknown to us until now: “The parents club”

With Alma´s birth we entered into this parenting club and its privileges: people are more friendly with you, strangers ask you things about your baby, making new friends in the park is easy, you inspire more confidence, they excuse you more easily, and people begin to call you ” madam” (that’s the only thing I do not like about having children).

The truth is that in addition to discovering that the world exists on Saturdays and Sundays before midday, we also found in our children a new hobby: learning how to raise children who are emotionally and physically healthy.

When you’re pregnant people say things like “Don’t worry, you’ll do well” or “Instinct will tell you what to do“, so you relax and think, “Well, yes, if they could, I can do it too“.

But the truth is that as soon as they are born, you start questioning your instincts seriously. Sometimes that instinct does not even appear and you have no idea what to do. You keep wondering how other parents manage.

This has become a big challenge for us, with a goal that we have set out to achieve: raising physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually healthy children. We will do whatever it takes to make them happy, polite, friendly, creative, joyful, wise, social … in short, almost perfect.

So this project stems from our interest and desire to get involved in their personal and social development

We already apply the skills we use for our work to their upbringing in a natural way. Design, marketing and communication are part of our daily lives with them:

  • We constantly do team-brainstorming to invent toys, stories and plans.

  • We create strategies on a daily basis, to persuade them that that soup, exercise and showering are good.

  • We can convince them that a broken tooth is an insignificant wound and that it is cool to have scars.

  • We promote each of their achievements through all possible social networks so that family and friends know how wonderful they are.

 “Alma´s Powers” is a series of apps that we invented to help us in this adventure. On the one hand, our children learn principles and values ​​with everyday stories, and on the other, it gives us quality applications to use on the iPad and iPhone. (They LOVE to play with those devices, so we want to use them to our benefit).

We hope the results of this strategy are positive.  Up to now they have been. They love our first app, “Alma and The Doll in the Park“.

In addition, we have created an entire community project  around the app that immerses us in this beautiful world of childhood: a Facebook page, Google+ page and Pinterest profile to share experiences with other parents, Twitter to explain what we are doing and to find out what others are doing, and a website to present the project to the world; videos to entertain our children, and this blog, to share this enriching experience with you all.

So how are things going, the 21-month gestation period was only the beginning. The most interesting is yet to come.  This project is like another child to us, what I mean is we will have to “bring it up” for the next 18 years or more so that it feeds and enriches the spirits of Alma and Lucas.

Maybe later we will go on to make Apps for university students while the grandchildren come along 🙂

If you have children and are concerned about their social and emotional education, we invite you to join us on this adventure. Surely all of us together can find the best way to leave this planet full of better people!

Maria Andrea Camacho

Andrea founded the "Alma´s Powers" project in 2012 with her brother and her husband. She is an entrepreneurial publicist/media and communications professional and proud mother of a 4-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy who have given a different meaning to her world.

In 2009 her daughter Alma was born, and with her so was Andrea´s desire to dedicate all of her knowledge and experience to the development of content that brings children closer to technology in a healthy way. Now, she is dedicated to creating tools that help preschool children’s parents to pass on family values to them and to develop their emotional intelligence.

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