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“Alma and the Doll in the Park” is an app consisting of three games and a modern, everyday story full of values. 1-6 year old children worldwide have been thrilled with this app, not only because of how they relate to the story, but also because its games unleash creativity, stimulate concentration and feed their curiosity.

In the first interactive story, Alma finds a doll while walking in the park. She wants to keep it, but discovers that her saddened owner is desperately looking for her. Before making the correct decision, Alma goes through several emotional states such as excitement, happiness and remorse. Thanks to this, she comes to a conclusion about what she has to do and joyfully discovers that it’s worthwhile being honest.

“Alma and the Doll in the Park” is the ideal app, if you are looking for a bedtime story, as well as if you want an entertaining story that teaches how to manage emotions, transmit values and social skills, or even teach languages. Just take a look at the comments and you can see for yourself.

Parents, teachers, educators, psychologists and monitors have even integrated it is as one of their preferred stories for transmitting values, strengthening the emotional intelligence of children or helping autistic children understand and manage their emotions.

Project Details

Why do preschoolers like this app so much?

  • It’s a contemporary story, very easy to understand and one they identify with
  • It contains beautiful animated, handmade illustrations
  • Its length is designed with the attention span of young children (2-6 years old) in mind
  • A beautiful soundtrack lifts the spirits!
  • You can choose to read it yourself or listen to the story
  • The story is narrated rhymed, very easy to learn!
  • Available in three languages: Spanish, English and German
  • The hide-and-seek game proves irresistible to children’s curiosity; even those under one year of age greatly enjoy looking for Alma!
  • The apple tree game is a memory game, which exercises the concentration of 4-to-6-year olds, who view the sequences they have to follow as a personal challenge to overcome. This is a game similar to the “Simon Says”, but adapted for children.
  • “Create your park” is a game of creativity for all ages: children are able to create their dream park by adding characters, trees, clouds or games, and then bring their piece to life in order to see and hear what life is like in their dream park.

“Alma and the Doll in the Park” is the first story in the apps collection for children, “Alma’s Powers”, a series of educational apps with short stories and games designed to stimulate the emotional intelligence of preschoolers. Make the most of this App by reading it and telling your children about it; this is an ideal educational tool for teaching principles, values and social skills through entertainment.


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