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Creativity is an alchemist by nature, its function is to mix things, connect ideas and search for new results. She is a scientist of life, providing ideas, solutions and alternatives to all the energies that inhabit us, especially Mind. Creativity is the power that makes us the most evolved species on the planet and positions us as the creative expression of Mother Nature.

Although she is one of the oldest fortresses of humanity, she looks very young, her face reflects the joy and innocence of childhood. On her head she wears a crown of precious flowers that change color and shape depending on what she is creating. Creativity is one of our greatest strengths. She is a beautiful, radiant, luminous energy with beautiful long, shiny blue hair. In the village of our inner world, Creativity lives in a very special hut that always has its doors open to those who need it. Her home is a constant coming and going of energies that seek her advice. She is the wise counselor who is always ready to help, and she loves to do so.

Creativity relates well to Curiosity, Love of Learning, Critical Thinking and Perspective. Together, they feed the Great Library of Knowledge.This is Mind’s main source of information. Creativity’s job here is to create pathways to the blocks of information that Love of Learning brings to the Great Library of Knowledge each day. Mind makes all its decisions based on the information stored there, from the simplest to the most transcendental.

Creativity is a very sensitive and delicate force, which is not always an advantage, for it reacts easily to the slightest comment from Mind or any other energy, internal or external. If she feels criticized or underestimated, her light dims, she becomes frivolous and banal; and if Ego flatters it too much, she can become very eccentric, generating very confusing ideas and dazzling others.

Creativity loves and admires Alma; she is aware that its work is fundamental for Alma to fulfill her purposes and for everyone to evolve. That is why Creativity is also one of the main gardeners of the Orchard of Potentials. Potentials are the seeds of things that could happen to us every day, depending on the choices we make. Although most potentials are created as a result of environment, family and fate, Soul, Hope and Creativity also sow our plans and dreams there.

Creativity needs elements to work with. Like a good alchemist, she needs raw materials to mix and knowledge to do so.

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